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Specialists iFixit rated the maintainability iPhone 6s 7 points

Today in 12 countries started official sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The first winner of the new products were residents of Australia, among which was laboratory experts iFixit-breaking new electronics for the purpose of assessing the quality of Assembly and maintainability index.

According to the results of the dismantling of the iPhone 6s, the experts confirmed the use of the battery capacity of 1715 mAh, 95 mAh less than the iPhone 6 (1810 mAh). The novelty has similar constructive design, a true “under the hood” of the new smartphone under the brand name Apple is 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM, while its predecessor half. “Apple” novelty uses a modem 4G LTE Cat. 6 production of Qualcomm.

Wi-Fi module produced by Universal Scientific Industrial. Inside the iPhone 6s found chips from chipmaker Toshiba, Skyworks Solutions, Avago Technologies.

Experts noticed that the iPhone 6s a few more iPhone 6 (138,3 x 67,1 x 7.1 mm vs. 138,1 x 67,0 x 6.9 mm) and weighs 143 g instead of 129 g of the predecessor. It turned out that the smartphone display with pressure sensor 3D Touch weighs 60 grams – 15 grams more than the iPhone 6.

In the iPhone 6s, which was dismantled specialists iFixit, has a single-chip system Apple A9 index APL0898. Flash memory was developed by Toshiba.

Positive evaluations deserve quick access to the screen and battery, and simple wiring to the fingerprint sensor. The main disadvantages of the iPhone 6s is named using the proprietary Pentalobe screws and the reluctance of Apple to share information needed for repair. In the end, like the previous generation model, the iPhone 6s got 7 points on a scale.

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