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Special operations command United States goes to iPhone because of bugs and low reliability of Android-devices

The command of the U.S. special operations (SOCOM) is planning to move with devices running Android on iPhone for use as a terminal of the General system of warfare. This writes the resource

At the moment for infantry units provides a set of smartphones and tablets based on Google’s operating system. It is used for operational communication during combat, and works on the base of special software, Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK, “Tactical strike kit for Android”). Instead, it introduced a set of iPhone Tactical Assault Kit (iTAK), based on the iPhone 6s.

iTAK would constitute a means of situational awareness and target designation and will be distributed among employees in the merged branches. Experts describe the iPhone as more “fast”, “reliable” and “seamless” decision compared to Android terminals.

Samsung smartphones that were used by the military in the framework of ATAK, often hangs and rebooted, the source says. Problems occurred when trying to work with the devices in the split screen to show the route and broadcast with a camera drone.

Note that in 2013, the U.S. military abandoned the BlackBerry in favor of iOS devices. Then the Ministry of defense has ordered 650 000 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which have replaced older BlackBerry phones are in the pockets of American officers.

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