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Space adventure in the new game “To the moon with Texicali” from Apps Ministry

Company Apps Ministry invites us to conquer the space in my new iOS game “To the moon with Pixicam: a space adventure”. But first let’s check the belts.

Who are Fixies? The little men who live beside us and support the surrounding objects in working condition — so says the infamous eponymous animated series. We can remember them from another game developer “Fixies the Masters”, where these men help children to understand how different items.

In the new game gamers to get acquainted with the most important pixicam — Papusa. It turns out that this is a serious family man always wanted to fly to the moon! Guess what you need? That’s right — a rocket. It is good that we don’t have to build and manage it! Under the command of Papusa, of course.

Developers are not stingy and rolled 100 levels to conquer outer space. Flight performed according to the map, where you can see the alleged gifts and upcoming fix rockets.

The complexity of the flight and its length increases with each level. Collecting energy, we are improving and the rocket: the agility to better turn; speed to quickly reach the goal; of tools more and more to shoot. Dodge has from the most unexpected objects: meteorites, robots, and even mixers — what did not meet in space.

The developers have included and all your favorite mini-game — fix. Every time the rocket is broken in different ways, so have a lot to fix.

We offer you to fasten your seat belts and go to surf the cosmos on a rocket of Papusa available for free download in the App Store.

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