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South Korean prosecutors have issued a warrant for the arrest of the head of Samsung on suspicion of bribery President

The special Commission of the Prosecutor’s office of South Korea on Monday 16 January issued a warrant for the arrest of Vice-Chairman of Samsung Group Lee Jae-Yong. About it reports on Monday, the Agency “Renhap”.

He was charged with corruption, misappropriation of funds and perjury; the investigation against the Vice-President of Samsung related to the case against South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, who faces impeachment.

The arrest must be approved by the court, the hearing of the case will be held on Wednesday, January 18.

Lee Jae-Yong is son of Samsung group Chairman Lee Gonchi and is considered to be his future successor and the de facto head of the Corporation. He was accused of bribery in the total amount of 43 billion won (about $36 million), friend of President Choi sung-SIL, who is in custody. According to investigators, in exchange for a bribe that contributed to the fact that the state pension Fund supported the merger of the two companies-contractors of Samsung.

In August 2015, Samsung signed a contract for $18.3 million with the Germany based company, which is owned by Choi sung-SIL. According to investigators, the President’s friend was spending in the accounts of the company millions on his daughter and her horse riding.

More than us $17 million Samsung Group has listed two non-profit foundations, which are also associated with Choi sung-SIL. Prosecutors consider the money — and this is the biggest in the history of the amount remitted by the Corporation on account of any organization — as a bribe.

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He’s the heir to the Samsung group during the parliamentary hearings have categorically denied the allegations.

The investigation is conducted against three top managers of Samsung, as well as in relation to the former President of the South Korean Ministry of health, which currently runs a national pension Fund.

Samsung has previously admitted that he transferred large sums of money in several funds, but denies suspicions that it is connected with the state of the merger of the two companies-contractors.

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