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South Korean operator intends the first in the world to launch a 5G network at a speed 1000 times faster than LTE

South Korean operator opens fifth generation mobile 5G network. According to CNet, this feature will provide their customers with SK Telecom – the largest mobile operator in the country.

SK Telecom has announced that it will become the first operator of the 5G network. The company demonstrated the speed of the Internet at 19.1 GB per second, which is almost 1000 times faster than LTE. This speed will give the ability to upload videos up to 2 GB for a fraction of a second.

“SKT will spare no effort for the world’s first commercial implementation of 5G networks,” said technical Director of Choi JI-sun. Pre-launch test network is scheduled for 2017 year, and commercial operation should begin by 2020.

At the moment, the South Koreans have the fastest Internet in the world. It is not surprising that it is here that you may receive the first 5G network.

Analysts previously touched on the important aspect of network implementation of the fifth generation. The idea is that with increasing bandwidth, respectively, will increase and consumption of content. The main advantage of high speed in the ability to watch online videos in very high quality. For example, in 4K, which by 2020 just may well become the norm.

60-minute video in a “standard” quality “weighs” about 700 MB. When you increase the resolution to Full HD the file size increases to 3 GB. And video format Ultra HD is already 7 GB. This is more than allow you to use a month, most so-called unlimited tariffs of cellular operators in most countries. And although before the advent of 5G networks for another five years, during which the cost of services of operators is clearly reduced, it is hardly possible to speak at least about a tenfold difference.

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The question of the cost of services with a significant increase in the speed of data transfer is quite relevant. Against this background, the question arises, whether the desired speed, which can ensure the standard of 5G? Because the current maximum speed can reach 300 Mbps, more than enough for virtually any application.

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