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South Korea iPhone X sold out in 3 minutes, despite the searches at the office of Apple

24 November 2017 began selling the X Phone in 13 countries. In South Korea, despite police searches in the office of Apple for the first weekend had sold 150,000 flagship smartphones. It is reported by AppleInsider.

Before the start of sales of iPhone X the investigators not only raided but also questioned Apple employees. They were interested in the business relations of the company, conclusion of contracts and the practice of negotiation. The authorities did not give an exact reason for the searches was not released official statements.

According to the press, searches may be due to the fact that the South Korean fair trade Commission she’s very hostile towards foreign companies doing business in the country. Maybe the Commission is trying to find evidence that local suppliers have signed contracts with Apple to unfavorable conditions. For example, according to rumors, the company from Cupertino is forcing suppliers to undertake the repair of smartphones and prohibits repair businesses to file claims in court within one year after any incident.

Despite the problems with the police, the beginning of sales iPhone X in South Korea can be called successful. Allocated to the country of 150,000 flagships of Apple was sold out within three minutes.

The Commission’s work on fair trade is often criticized. In 2015, a special working group. Its task was to assess damage to domestic market of South Korea from the sale of the country’s imported devices. However, many believe that the Commission’s activities impeded the work of foreign companies and puts them at a disadvantage compared to local firms.

In 2015, the head of research company Endpoint Technologies Associates Roger Kay blamed the South Korean fair trade Commission in carrying out the policy of protectionism and libel on Western companies. At the same time, President of the Center for fair government and public relations Franklin Eric Telford said that the activities of the Antimonopoly Agency of South Korea threatened the viability and business of foreign enterprises.

The situation is heating up and what’s on the background of the attention of the South Korean government to Apple and other players in the national electronics manufacturer Samsung was at the center of a corruption scandal. In 2017, the result of the investigation of statocyst and providing unjustified privileged position, the former President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-Hye was forced to resign as head of Samsung Group, Jay Lee was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

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