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Source: iPhone 8 will be called “iPhone Edition” will get a metal body and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel

Edition iDropNews, citing an unnamed Foxconn employee claims that a significant portion of rumors about the iPhone 8 is not true. In particular, it is argued that the new device will get a metal, not a glass case and will be called “iPhone Edition”, by analogy with the Apple Watch Edition.

Foxconn employee familiar with the current prototype of the new iPhone, told me about very unusual things. First, the back panel of the smartphone is not made of glass and metal. This is due mainly to the fragility of the glass surfaces. The metal case is more durable which will prolong the life of your mobile device.

Also, reportedly, decided to move the fingerprint scanner Touch ID on the rear panel. Such a trend long observed in the market of mobile devices, but this is contrary to previous rumors about a biometric module built-in display novelties.

Perhaps the tests showed that the technology is not yet ready for use or not safe enough. However, this solution obviously will not cause the approval of users and Apple, which has always been committed to innovation will lose ground in the eyes of fans of the company and experts in the industry.

It is reported that the OLED display of the new iPhone almost lose the part, at least on the sides and is covered with 2.5 D glass. The main photo module, raspolojennyi on the rear panel to be placed vertically.

While this information is classified as rumors. Moreover, most of the claims contradict what we heard earlier.

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