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SoundHound introduced “Siri with a PhD” – a new voice assistant for iOS and Android

The company SoundHound begins testing new voice assistant Hound. The work on “Siri with a PhD” was conducted about nine years, and now she is able to capture the context of the conversation and answer difficult questions.

Hound supports voice control and allows you to perform different operations like make a call, make a reservation at the hotel, send text messages, search your desired flight or route of travel. However, the technology has a number of unique properties that make it more attractive compared to competitors.

A personal assistant is activated by the command “OK, Hound, then you can begin to verbalize the request. The user can make a very specific request in one breath or a number of additional clarifying questions and the program will handle the task. For example, you can ask “show me a 4 or 5 star hotels in Seattle for 3 nights starting Friday, priced from $70 to $320 per night”.

This Hound boasts lightning speed word recognition and response. The developers note that the app allows you to ask questions in natural language, instead of using a specific pre-programmed phrases.

Currently, users of Android smartphones can apply to participate in the testing of a personal assistant, while iPhone users have to wait for the start of closed beta test version for iOS.

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