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SoundHound has released a competitor, Siri – voice assistant Hound for iOS and Android [video]

The company SoundHound, Creator of the eponymous service for music recognition, has just released its new creation — voice assistant Hound. The project was conducted over 9 years, resulting in a quite powerful tool that is fully capable to push Siri and Google Now. At least, published on the Internet a video showing the capabilities of a Hound, the app looks very convincing, quickly and accurately answering questions.

An early version of Hound was introduced in the summer of 2015, and now the app is out of beta stage. At the moment it is available for users in the United States.

One of the advantages of Hound is its ability to handle even long sentences that contain several requests in a row or there is no direct mention of the object, but only the description of its characteristic features. For example, the video program is correctly named the number of residents of Washington in response to the question “What is the population of the capital, which is the space needle?”. For quick answers to requests a service using the hours on SoundHound audio recognition.

According to the founder of SoundHound Kevan Mohair (Keyvan Mohajer), his team wants to create a voice assistant, who might just list the available products in the fridge, and in response get a prescription food from them. To achieve the goal the company intends to expand its partnerships with various service providers — currently, for example, it cooperates with Expedia.

Hound voice assistant is available for download in the us App Store and Google Play.

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