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Soon, users will be able to disable slow iPhone

Apple CEO Tim cook gave a short interview to ABC News. The head of the Corporation said that the company should more clearly convey to users information about the purpose of slowing down the iPhone.

Imagine that you make an important call or typing an urgent message, take pictures, and then turned off the smartphone. We decided that in this case it is better to sacrifice performance.

We really talked about this kind of solution, but few people paid attention to it. We want to apologize to all who think that we have any other motivation, cook said.

CEO promised in February to release a new beta of iOS, in which you can assess the condition of the battery. If necessary, the user will be able to disable slow iPhone, but according to Tim it is better not to do it.

In February we will release a beta version iOS for developers and then users, which will be a function of monitoring the battery status.

We have reduced the performance of smartphone for your own good. But if you don’t want — you can disable such slowdown. But we do not recommend this.

About a month ago, Apple explained that the decline in performance of iPhone with a worn out battery was done to prevent unexpected shutdowns smartphones. Apple has admitted to underreporting the frequency of the processors of smartphones in December 2017. At the end of the year, the company apologized to customers and reduced the cost of out-of-warranty battery replacement under $29.

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