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Soon to sign in to Facebook unable to enter the obligatory selfie

Social network Facebook might soon replace traditional enter code from the image identification of the user’s selfie, the newspaper reports PhoneArena.

Many have noticed that sometimes when you log into Facebook, the social network asks for a photo, which clearly shows the face of the user. Recognition system promises to remove the image after the identification is successful. Confirm these messages filled Twitter.

According to representatives of Facebook, such measures are introduced to limit suspicious activity and to protect user data. Such a request might appear when you add too many friends, setting up payments or create ads. A selfie is much more reliable than a simple picture ID and protects personal information from third parties.

Photo is not the only authentication method offered by Facebook. However, it is still not clear what actions will be regarded as suspicious, and how often users will have to photograph your face. The social network did not answer the question whether innovation is required. May soon sign in Facebook is only for selfies.

Such changes complicate the use of social networks and can lead to a significant reduction in the number of active users.

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