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Sony takes five PlayStation games on iOS and Android

In March we wrote about the fact that Sony creates a new division ForwardWorks Corp to develop mobile games. Thus, the Japanese company decided to follow in the footsteps of its rival Nintendo, which earlier this year released its first mobile game. Today, the newspaper Nikkei reported that Sony has already planned at least 5 games projects based on the popular Playstation series.

According to the publication, some of these games announce before the end of 2016, and to leave all they have until March 2018. It is unclear what it will be for the game, and on what series they will be based. Sony has experience in producing portable gaming devices, the main challenge lies in adapting the game interface to the smartphone features.

Gaming mobile apps have become an important factor in the growth of the industry, so Sony wants to involve users of smartphones and tablets. The Sony has the advantage of having 40 million PlayStation users, whose sales are higher than the closest competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo Co., however, the market of mobile gaming applications will struggle to compete with major players in the market.

It is expected that games for mobile devices with characters that are familiar to owners of the PlayStation, will be popular in the Asian region. Sony pre-defined a list of games that will be adapting to smart phones.

Work on the games assigned ForwardWorks Corporation. No information about what projects does this division, Sony did not provide the Foundation of the Studio.

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