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Sony explains why the Xperia Z5 display Premium works in 4K mode only when displaying photos and videos

In September, the Network was actively discussed the results of user tests which found that the screen of the new flagship with 4K display Sony Xperia Z5 Premium in fact, most of the time it displays a picture in Full HD resolution, and 4K. You might think that this is something the operating system that will be fixed in the future.

In the publication at androidcommunity has managed to get commentary from the Japanese manufacturer regarding this nuance. No, the feature identified is not a defect. Sony are well conceived.

As stated in the company, the Xperia Z5 with Premium display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (806ppi) allows you to display photos and video at the appropriate resolution. All other content is displayed in Full HD resolution or lower to optimize performance and energy consumption. In order to render the interface and game in 4K device would need to constantly load the CPU, which would result in a significant worsening of autonomy.

Sony say that Android is poorly adapted to 4K, so it is logical to display the interface in a lower resolution. The company believes that users will benefit from the 4K screen in Xperia Z5 Premium when watching video that they can take on the smartphone.

Very interesting mention about the resolution below Full HD. It is unlikely the device will display something in an even lower resolution, but the phrase Sony in this case is unclear.

Whatever it was, now it is probably waiting for the announcement of the device from rivals Sony, which will be entitled “True 4K display”.

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