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Sony explained the reason for weak sales of its smartphones low prices on iPhone

Sony has long been can not boast of success in the smartphone market. In this case the manufacturer should be commended for a fairly logical and user-friendly for buyers range, where there are several lines of mobile devices. Before the release of Xperia X main in the assortment of the manufacturer remains the flagship series Xperia Z5, but special success it enjoys. Why? The Sony has the answer. The company believes that the reason for this trend is the low price for the iPhone.

In a closed presentation Sony showed slides that explained the reasons for the high sales of the iPhone in Japan. In particular, the company points out that a top Apple smartphone in the minimum configuration costs almost twice cheaper than the Xperia Z5. Of course, the Japanese prefer a better offer. There is a certain logic, because the share of Sony in the home market holds firm, compared to Samsung and local competitors. At the same time, analysts often blamed for Xperia Z5 in the lack of innovation and unjustified pricing policies.

Meanwhile, Sony decided to completely change the current range of mobile devices. That the company is reviewing the names, it became clear during the announcement of new models Xperia X. They have not yet appeared in the sale, but after them the Japanese manufacturer did not provide a single smartphone.

According to some, line of Xperia M, Xperia C and other cease to exist, giving way to the universal family of Xperia X. that is, apparently, all Sony smartphones from now on will relate to this family and to carry the letter X as a basis. For example, the model C6 or C6 Ultra can finally get the name Xperia X or Xperia Ultra XC/XC Ultra. Not particularly given a wide range of Sony, this rebranding is quite right to life, although the previous principle of naming smartphones some analysts considered more convenient.

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Sony expects that the release of the Xperia models X, XA and X Performance will return interest in its smartphones.

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