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Sony: Apple to release augmented reality glasses in 2017

For many, the question of augmented or virtual reality Apple has become a matter of “when” and not “if”. President of Sony Worldwide Studios said that the company from Cupertino will unveil this product in 2017.

Apple is working on a variety of technologies and is actively researching areas and aspects of VR and AR for several years, receiving several relevant patents. Although most of the research kupertinovtsy not published, the company effectively implements the latest technologies and brings them to market in a consumer product. Virtual and augmented reality are now on the rise and everyone is expecting that Apple will jump into this train at the right time. But when it is a question.

According to the President division of Sony Worldwide Studios Yoshida Shuhei, it will happen in 2017. The top Manager is sure that Apple will soon be ready to present your product in this area.

Yoshida himself believes in virtual reality. He played an important role in the creation of the PlayStation VR helmet. He presented the device to the public under the code name Project Morpheus at GDC 2014. Since then its constantly see all important events relating to virtual and augmented reality.

Hardly Yoshida knows something specific about the “smart” glasses Apple, but his prediction should not be discarded.

In early January, a famous journalist and technical expert Robert Scoble reported that Apple has create points, in partnership with Carl Zeiss. According to the source, which quotes one of employees of Zeiss, augmented reality glasses, Apple could debut in the current or next year. And it is this partnership of the two companies explains why Zeiss have not shown at CES 2017 no optics associated with augmented, virtual or mixed reality.

As we know from the experience of Google Glass and other companies, such a device has not caught on in the market for many reasons. So Apple need to offer something really special to her product became successful.

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