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Sony admitted that keeps the most advanced image sensors

As it turned out during disassembly Chipworks, the top Apple smartphone uses Sony image sensors. The specific model is not identified, but we know that the chips in the iPhone 7 use technology platform Sony Exmor RS and a Bayer RGB filter. As it turned out now, Sony is in no hurry to share with competitors the most advanced developments – all the best technology the company has for their devices.

Some time ago on the website Imaging Resource published an interview with Sony. The most interesting part of the conversation concerns the fact that the company restricts the supply of image sensors to outside customers.

Sony develops and manufactures sensors not only for their own cameras and mobile devices but also supplies them to other manufacturers. In an interview with representatives of the Japanese Corporation said that the most advanced sensors available only Sony, so it is possible to use the advantages of proprietary technologies.

With regard to advanced developments, Sony is focusing efforts on three main areas: increasing the resolution, sensitivity and speed sensors.

2017 at MWC, Sony unveiled a new flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium, which is able to record slow-motion video is 960 frames per second. The main feature of the camera module – built-in memory. Thanks to this unique buffer (called a Motion Eye) Sony smartphone can record slow motion video with a similar frequency. This is not available to any manufacturer.

Now an interview with a Sony representative has disappeared from the website Imaging Resource, but it can still be found in the Google cache.

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