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Sonos has released a promotional video inspired by the movie the legendary Apple “1984” [video]

Manufacturer of audio systems Sonos have released a promotional video of “Wake Up The Silent Home”, inspired by legendary is Apple. The video was broadcast during the awards ceremony of the award “Grammy”.

The video script was borrowed from the famous promotional clip of Apple’s “1984”, which was engaged in directing Ridley Scott. However, instead of the Macintosh video promoting premium audio system.

As conceived by marketers Sonos only speakers company can stop living alone. The video begins with the woman’s face, which suffers from the fact that silence fell on all households in the country. The camera shows through the Windows of well-appointed homes and successful people who ignore each other in favor of smartphones and headphones, and the woman adds: “It’s just wrong.”

But this is not a criticism of the lifestyle of modern man – the woman is just worried due to the fact that observable people do not have spent hundreds of dollars on a Sonos speaker. In the end, this results in a throw in a glass column window, as in the famous movie the Apple 1980’s. After that, the house filled with music, families, couples and friends somehow coming back together and start to communicate, obviously celebrating that their Windows are now broken and they are forced to evaluate someone’s bad taste in music.

The original is in the Apple bursts in the girl and launches a hammer into the screen. The video ends with the phrase: “on January 24th, Apple Computers will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 will not be like “1984” — TV commercial plays with the plot of the dystopian novel by George Orwell.

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