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Sonic, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone. Sega brings the iconic game to iPhone and iPad users

Remember: someone was alive, the lucky ones went to play on the Sega MegaDrive, and “the majors” received the Super Nintendo. It was a dashing 90-e, we had fun as they could. The Japanese company Sega has decided to bring into the lives of lovers of old school a little holiday. The project Sega Forever in the App Store and Google Play became available the best games of the company. And it is free.

In the first wave of users of smartphones available games such as Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Altered Beast, and Kid Chameleon. Games included in the collection Forever Classic SEGA Games Collection. The company calls the title “a real gem of console games”, adapted for mobile devices.

The list of names will expand. The collection is planned to make every month. Appear to be official and emulators and ports from different consoles.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Now in Sonic the Hedgehog you can play for free on mobile devices. Racing at the speed of light in seven classic areas in the role of sonic the hedgehog. Run and whirl in the dead loops, collect rings and defeat enemies to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman.

Comix Zone

Welcome to the Comix Zone, the classic fighting arcade game from SEGA. You will find the first ever fully interactive comic book. You — Sketch Turner, an accomplished artist, captured their own comics. Immerse yourself in the murky world of his drawings and meet with drawn your enemies. Fight the Queen of the mutants escape from the ship of the dead and mines from the lava and defeat the evil Mortus to gain freedom.

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Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star II – the epic sci-Fi RPG from SEGA. Play for free one of the most celebrated games of that generation. Create a team of seemingly incompatible characters, to protect the once peaceful system’go. Fight robots and mutants, collect equipment and solve the mystery hidden behind one of the greatest RPG in history.

Kid Chameleon

Play Kid Chameleon is one of the best platformers SEGA. Challenge yourself in one of the most famous platformers SEGA’s Kid Chameleon! Play for free one of the best arcades in the world. You kid Chameleon, a simple guy who finds an amazing power by wearing a magical mask. Stop the virtual villain! The mask will help you to turn into an indomitable warrior, soaring in the sky hero or impenetrable fighter.

Altered Beast

Go to the afterlife along with legendary Altered Beast, is now available for mobile devices. Play for free and defeat the army of hell. You risen from the dead anthropomorpha, to defeat the armies of Hades. Turning into fierce predators, use the power of magic spheres, claws and hammer and make your way to the depths of hell to free Athena, daughter of Zeus. Destroy hordes of demons, defeat ugly bosses and rend to pieces the hordes of the damned.

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