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Sometimes it may seem that iPhone is stuck in the past

Despite regular iOS update, new features and services users still can’t shake the feeling archaic OSes. At some points the platform is stuck at the level of the first generation of the operating system. This opinion is shared by Dieter Bohn from The Verge, who tried to install it on iPhone normal ringtone. According to him, Apple is dreaming the future of computing, but is stuck in the past in the most simplest of things.

Ringtones? Seriously?

On the social network Twitter dispute broke out. Users began to discuss why now nobody bothers with problems install ringtone to iPhone as before. Maybe in the latest versions of iOS now an easy way to install calls? Actually the problem as before – the first iPhone in 2007 that Apple’s iPhone 6s in 2016.

Step 1: try to buy a ringtone

Right from the point of view Apple’s way of installing ringtones is buy ringtones in iTunes. Very often, however, it tracks just not in the catalog digital online store. The journalist has decided to install call Archer Title Sequence.

Step 2: Google

Bon tried to Google the actual article with instructions for installing ringtones to bypass iTunes, but only a small part of them was published later than 2008. Annoying was the fact that we need a piece of music stored in Dropbox, and it cannot be copied to the iPhone because of the closed file system. On Android, this operation presents no difficulties.

Step 3: convert the file in iTunes

iTunes is quite often criticized and in many ways undeserved. But how looks the process of converting an MP3 file into a suitable format and install ringtones?

  • Drag the file to iTunes library.
  • Right-click and select “convert to AAC”.
  • Drag the file you want in AAC format to your desktop.
  • Rename it from Archer.m4a (AAC) in Archer.m4r (the extension for ringtones).
  • Go back to iTunes to delete the original MP3 file and the converted AAC file.
  • Drag the file Archer.m4r file to iTunes.
  • Check sync ringtones between iTunes and iPhone.
  • Sync.
  • With this track you need to pre-cut to the desired fragment. The process of 8 steps does not correspond to the famous slogan “just works,” says Bon. Perhaps Apple still has not simplified the task, to avoid problems with copyright holders. But whatever the reasons, ideological or legal, the process of installing a ringtone on iPhone a user’s negative experience.

    Even if a person is ready to accept this situation, at each step, it can trap errors. This applies especially to paragraphs 7 and 8, which can be carried for very long.

    Step 4: headache

    According to the journalist, his new iPhone was already synced with iTunes on your computer. He restored it from an encrypted backup. After clicking “Synchronize” dialog box appears with the offer to erase the iPhone:

    “the iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. Want to delete content from the iPhone and sync it with your iTunes library?”.

    In fact, the iPhone was synced with iTunes in just a few seconds before was checkbox is checked. Whether he was trying to erase the smartphone? Of course, no. “Why can’t sync iPhone with different libraries? iTunes is outdated or it is just another way of protection from piracy?”, – he resents.

    Most interesting is that the error of six years ago is not true. The button “Erase and sync” will not delete all information on iPhone. It is only about multimedia content: music, movie, and TV show, everything else will remain in place.

    Moreover, in this case, it appeared almost immediately after the iPhone was synced with the same Mac.


    The process of installing a ringtone on iPhone is long outdated and still is a headache for the user. But the main thing is not the process itself, and related issues. Why for so many years, Apple has not offered a solution? It does not apply the slogan “It just works” – the official message from Apple about what gadgets are so simple and hassle-free, which is enough to get them out of the box, turn on and everything will start itself, the work becomes itself.

    “Many of the switcher experienced a reality that is not actually consistent with their expectations. But the reality is that no matter how you perceive the Apple, in whatever light pink not seen iPhone difficulties are there, and we will have to accept it”, – concluded the journalist.

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