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Solid Soccer soft football

All kinds futsimov there is one, but the most common problem: they are overly serious. FIFA – a collection of all kinds of sports cliches, peppered with money and licenses; no fun there is not provided. Mobile PES – something half-dead and barely alive. Various hybrids of football strategies or farms – it is better not to discuss. Of course, there are interesting instances, combining the best features of sports and games – in particular, the series of Stickman Soccer. But today we will talk about another project: Solid Soccer. Monstrously entertaining, though simple simulator online football.

The scenario: you have a team of inexperienced yet and green players. You need to give this team the Goonies to win. The game got you through the training match, then spit you out in an online ceremony, saying that once, let’s play.

Online is divided into several leagues, from the lowest to the one run by professionals. Directly to the great masters that you will not take; to get there, we must fill rating. The numbers are growing along with victories ,but melt away after a defeat – hence, if you get a rating of, say, 250 points, then you are in the new League. But once you lose that, then return to beginners. Players met exclusively within their League, and before matches, you show exemplary statistics opponent: last five games, the rating, the amount of investment in the team. And then the match starts.

You only need one finger to lead the team to victory – there’s no d-pad, the function passes, long shot or, God forbid Messi, tricks. With one finger you do everything: run, pass, shoot on goal and stelae in tackles. Looks like this: pulling the nail curve control, you lead the player forward. When it is necessary to break through – just lift your finger from the display, and the striker shoots at goal. Harder in defense: you have to constantly, swapit on the screen, and damn hard to switch between players – in fact, when the opponent is attacking, you can only rely on luck.

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To win, don’t forget about the pressure – constantly creep in tackles along with others – fast and repassing: received the ball, immediately gave the attacker forward. In General, space for Solid tactics in Soccer, of course, a little, but is; not everything depends on the skill of the players.

But a lot. Your players can be pumped, and there are pitfalls. The thing is that the standard player can take no more than one skill at a branch – say, two stars “on strike” you will not spend. You need to get from the cards the names of stars that have the potential to become strong. But here it needs a mountain of local currency – silver susedoc. It is mined only from cards that give you after the game; the point, however, is not enough. So do not expect in the next hour or two minimum to pump at least attack the team. In this play, you will have well developed opponents, especially in the senior leagues. A way out of this is, and you know, some Solid Soccer knowingly shareware.

And the rest – wonderful time killer on the football theme. Simulator to call it problematic, but to play a couple of matches, while there is a lunch break – quite a pleasure. At the start you will not take the money, and then see for yourself what you want from the game. If you dominate in the higher divisions, talent alone will not be enough. If just playing for fun, sending five goals against girls from Argentina – money and is not required.

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