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Software for easy creation of storyboards ShotPro became available on the Mac [video]

ShotPro app, which debuted on smartphones and tablets with iOS earlier this year, received support Mac. Download the desktop version from the Mac App Store.

Main functions ShotPro include the design of interlocking scenes, including the reconstruction in 3D of the film, the calculation of light at the site, both natural and artificial, as well as to determine the required settings of the camera, the right lenses, the zoom value, the arrangement of equipment and depth of field.

The program allows you to place on the set of actors, the appearance and movements which can be changed, as well as props. In addition, thanks to integrated tools characters can be given simple animation, reports Cinemotionlab. After completion of the project can be exported, while receiving the video file in the desired resolution.

The developers claim that at the moment the program functionally, the program does not differ from the mobile version, however, will be modified after. In the future, the program are going to port the first on Android and then Windows.

Download ShotPro for iPhone and iPad at this link, the Mac version is available here.

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