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So will the new iPhone 7: dual camera, multi-touch Home button, iOS 10 [gallery]

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus began to be sold in September last year, and this means that very soon will come a new generation of Apple’s smartphone. And still have time to dream about what will be the future of “Apple” communicators. His version suggested the Dutch painter Mathis Strauven.

iPhone 7 graphic designer combines all the latest insides: built-in Smart Connect, new design plastic inserts, touch the Home button, iOS 10. The smartphone scanner is no 3.5 mm audio Jack, which appeared the second speaker is the improved camera with dual lens system. This decision reinforces not only the attention of the insiders, attributing the new Apple smartphones advanced dual chamber, but a recent leak in the Network.

The designer suggested that Apple will stand the appearance in the style of the line iPhone 6/6s. Of course, the author took into account the latest rumors concerning the design of smartphones.

“iPhone 7 will be released in some time, but thanks to leaks we already know quite a lot about the new flagship. In this concept, the device shows the design of the upcoming smartphone. Created by designer Mathis Sravanam, he absorbed all the latest rumors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In total, we considered five aspects of our new model.

The aim of this work was to create the most realistic gadget, which is easy to imagine on the shelves, and who would like to purchase fans of Apple’s design.

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