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Snowden: US authorities are pushing Apple full access to all iPhone

The Federal Bureau of investigation and the U.S. Department of justice require Apple to grant access to data on an iPhone belonging to Rizvan Farouk the terrorist that killed 14 people. Although intelligence agencies say only about one particular device, a former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden is confident that the goal of the FBI – to get full access to all iPhones in circulation. This opinion he expressed in his microblog on Twitter.

The basis for this conclusion Snowden sees in the decision of the court prescribed by Apple to provide FBI program that you can access information on the iPhone 5c.

“The technological modifications required by the FBI, will make possible the hacking of the iPhone models the iPhone 5c or older for half an hour,” said a former employee of U.S. intelligence.

In his opinion, “the FBI creates a world in which citizens rely on Apple with regard to the protection of their rights”.

“This is the most important in a decade the case concerning technology,” thus he commented on the eve of the decision announced by the court in the United States.

On Tuesday, the court ordered Apple to unlock iPhone one of the criminals who arranged the shootout in San Bernardino (CA, USA) in December last year. The company was required to disable the built-in function that erases data on your phone after 10 times wrong to enter a password.

The Agency wants to be sure that the information on the device will not be affected. FBI Director James Komi said that his team failed to hack the iPhone even after two months of trying.

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Apple refused to grant the authorities access to your iPhone. According to the court, investigators must obtain from the developers of special software to circumvent the protection apparatus. However, in the management of the company refuse to do it; Tim cook said that the FBI is “a threat to the safety of customers”.

On this the White house responded that the FBI is seeking Apple’s help in hacking only one iPhone, and not giving them access to all the devices produced by the company. The FBI and the justice Department “do not ask Apple to change its products or has created a “loophole”. “They ask for something that would deal only with one device”, said White house press Secretary Joshua Ernest.

Earlier, the head of Google Sundar Pichai openly expressed support for Apple and the head of the company in a dispute with the FBI about the confidentiality of your information. “Forcing companies to create opportunities for hacking devices can compromise the privacy of users,” he said.

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