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Snowden called nonsense statements to the FBI and described how the security services can hack iPhone terrorist

Former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden, published on the surveillance of U.S. intelligence in the world, believes that not only Apple has the keys to personal data stored in iPhone. He stated this at the conference, The Intercept.

“FBI says Apple has “exclusive technology” to unlock the phone, said Snowden in a video conference on the theme of democracy and development of civil society. – With all due respect this is nonsense”.

Apple is in litigation with the FBI, which required the company to crack iPhone Rizvan Farouk terrorist that killed 14 people. Proving why this must be done, the secret service stated that the gadget can store information, which can help to identify other extremists and prevent possible terrorist attacks. However, the iPhone maker has called the FBI to establish mechanisms to turn off smartphone protection a violation of two amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Snowden believes that the FBI has the technical means to hack the iPhone. He believes that the secret services would not have been so insistent in this matter, if it was not responsible for loss of a chance to access the phone yourself.

“All you have to do the FBI to bypass the erase data after 10 attempts of entering the password is to copy the flash drive (which includes Effaceable Storage). Then they can endlessly to guess the password, as they will be able to restore NAND flash from a backup,” said Snowden.

“The FBI sufficiently to detach the chip from the motherboard, connect it to the device to read and write NAND flash and make a copy of all the data. Then they can return the chip and begin the process of selecting passwords. If it so happens that the data auto deletion is enabled and the chip Effaceable Storage will remove it, they can remove the chip and move it to the original information. If they want to do this many times, they can connect the “test socket” to the motherboard that will speed up the process of replacing chips”, – he explained.

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Snowden previously expressed the view that the US authorities are pushing Apple full access to all iPhone. Although intelligence agencies say only about one particular device, a former employee of U.S. intelligence is confident that the goal of the FBI – to get full access to all iPhones in circulation.

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