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Snowden called advertising course statements by Tim cook on full security of Apple services

In early June, Apple CEO Tim cook, speaking at a conference organized by the Information center electronic privacy (EPIC), said that the company does not use user information that is stored in your iPhone and the iCloud cloud storage, for profit, and does not provide access to special services to their servers. Former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden considers that the statement, Apple CEO should be treated with caution – the company can always deviate from these principles.

“I believe that in the current situation it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not,” commented Snowden statements by Tim cook. Spy’m sure a loud statement of the founder of Apple made for populist reasons – thus the company is distancing itself from its competitors, including Google. “This is obviously a publicity stunt,” said Snowden.

Users should be aware that Apple may at any time to deviate from these rules, says ex-NSA agent. “But looking at how passionately Tim cook speaks on issues of privacy, I would like to believe that he will adhere to this policy”, he added.

Recall that Tim cook criticized Google and urged users not to sacrifice their privacy for the sake of free Internet services. “You may like the idea of the so-called free services, but we are convinced that it is not necessary to transfer their emails, search history and even now family photos departments using them for God knows what purpose,” said he.

Cook says Apple has never worked with any government Agency in the world for the purpose of obtaining access to the systems, products and services of the Corporation and did not provide access to their servers. Although the American government insists that the company should leave a “loophole” for the police and security services.

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At the White house summit on cybersecurity at the beginning of the year Tim cook has warned of “dire consequences” that would result from waiver of the right balance between privacy and user security.

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