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Snowden announced the development of protecting from spying on shell case for iPhone

Former intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden is working to protect from spying on an iPhone case. The accessory will allow you to monitor the signals that the smartphone sends to the outside world.

Device development has been granted asylum in Russia, Snowden has been collaborating with well-known hacker Andrew Huang. According to the developers, their invention is a more reliable way to protect the iPhone from external signals, for example, than the airplane mode in which the smartphone can also be hacked.

“You may think that the signals your smartphone is off and not tell anyone about your location, but that risk is always preserved,” said Huang before the presentation.

The device, which size is little more than a cover for the battery, has a small monochrome display. It connects with the iPhone using the wires that are attached to the motherboard of the gadget slot for the SIM card.

The case will read the signals from two antennas in the phone, including GPS signals, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular modem. As a result, owners of iPhone can get a much higher level of protection against unintended data transmission.

If the iPhone begins to transmit any information on a small LCD display cover appears a warning.

At the moment the device is in the early stages of design, but the authors promise to present a fully working prototype in the near future.

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