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Snowden and Durov argued about the security of Telegram messenger

The U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden said that he respected the Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, however, agreed with the statement specialist in network security Thomas Ptacek reporting feature of saving messages on the server. As a result, the Durov and Snowden have entered a public debate about the security of Telegram.

The beginning of the dispute was the tweet of Ptacek that the Telegram dirait all user messages on its servers in the clear. He said that by default the unencrypted text of every message every user that has ever been sent or received, the messenger keeps on your server. Durov has denied this, saying that all messages on the servers is stored encrypted and user are removed, assuming that a tweet by Ptacek paid competitors messenger.

Snowden, in turn, agreed with the statement that the Telegram unsafe: according to him, even if the messages are stored on servers in encrypted form and to decrypt (for example, it can make the company Telegram).

“I respect Durova, but Ptacek is right: privacy settings by default are a threat. Without large-scale updates it is not safe,” Snowden wrote in his Twitter.

In response, Durov recalled that in the Telegram you can enable the “secret chat”, which in any form is not stored on servers and accessible only with two devices – the sender and receiver of messages. He noted that this feature is not enabled by default because for most users it is more important to have access to their correspondence with any device (for this history must be stored on servers), rather than an increased level of security.

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Let’s remind, Snowden, who worked in the organization, which the CIA contractor and NSA, in 2013, gave the journalists a number of secret documents about the activities of U.S. intelligence. In particular, they talked about doing a large-scale wiretapping of telephone conversations and monitor electronic communications of US citizens and foreign leaders. In November, Snowden said that is “the most protected in the world” by the messenger Signal.

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