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Snorelax — alarm clock that analyzes road traffic and puts the call in accordance with

To Wake up in time we need everyone to be late for work no one likes. Phones have become substitutes for alarms, and smartphones have led to the awakening process convenient, easy and (sometimes) even relevant to the situation of awakening. For iPhone users running beta testing unusual alarm clock that selects the signal depending on the current traffic on city roads. On an interesting application drew the attention of the VC resource.

Snorelax analyzes road traffic and depending on the received data independently sets the Wake-up time. For the analysis of smart alarm clock selects those routes on which the person usually gets to work or study.

If the traffic is overloaded, the app will allow you to NAP extra 20-25 minutes. If the path, on the contrary, is free, the user is offered to get up early in order not to be late for work.

Snorelax analyzes not only the current traffic but also the normal behavior of cars on the roads at this time of day, in order to accurately predict the time that the user will have to spend on the way to work.

The creators of the app test version of the alarm clock for the iPhone. Later they plan to release a version for Android.

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