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Snapster from “Vkontakte” was supported photo in landscape orientation

Social network “Vkontakte” has updated the app Snapster that allows you to post pictures with applied filters. In the new version for iPhone users got the ability to post pictures in landscape orientation, including the ability to crop images.

Snapster consists of five main sections: news, advice, photography and publishing, notifications, and profile. Works partially resembles the social network Instagram and gives approximately the same functionality — to create images; view the tape, hit photos of “Vkontakte”, and create your own filters. Have the ability to add hashtags and mention the geotag the place where the photo was taken.

On the basic tab are all the photos uploaded by the user’s friends. Snapshots can be noted as a favourite and comment (text or picture). Tab with recommendations are three sections: “Popular”, “friends of Friends” and “Recommendations” — pictures that are like friends. Tab with notifications the user sees, who added him to friends, limnol or commented on the photo, and sent the photo with a personal message.

From Snapster you can send self-destructing photos, making it similar to the popular service Snapchat. Picture disappears after the specified time (20 seconds). The app notifies the user if the person managed to take a screenshot of the message.

“We created Snapster, so that people can process images at a professional level and share them with your friends and followers, — says Andrey Rogozov, operating Director of “Vkontakte”. Is the first mobile product, “Vkontakte”, existing separately from the social network, but is closely integrated with its social graph. Thus we create a global project that is not limited to the audience of the site”.

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Features of the new version Snapster for iOS:

  • added the ability to publish photos in landscape orientation (via cropping or creating a snapshot in a horizontal position);
  • fixed bugs and crashes on some devices;
  • improved stability and speed of the application.

Download Snapster for iPhone and iPod touch at this link.

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