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Snapdrop: an alternative to AirDrop for easy sharing of files on any platform

Specifically for their devices, Apple created AirDrop is a fast and convenient way to wirelessly share documents and files with people nearby. The owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac don’t need to know the IP address, the name of the gadget or open network ports: the user selects the file relates to the Share icon, and specifies whom to send the file. It will immediately appear on their devices.

The drawback to AirDrop is that technology only works on iOS devices and OS X. the Creators Snapdrop offered a web service for which this problem is not important: it works through any mobile or desktop browser. You do not need to install additional client: open on two gadgets website In this case, both devices must be connected to a common Wi-Fi network.

For example, you need to transfer the file from your smartphone to your computer. Safari on iPhone will see the computer’s icon, and clicking on it will open a panel to select the content. The service allows you to transfer data from the built-in iOS photo library, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive and other cloud services, OS X Server or directly from the camera, once a picture or video. The computer now will only confirm the delivery of the content.

The file download is completed, the service will offer to open it with standard tools or using third-party programs. Sending files from the PC to the smartphone or tablet is similar.

Snapdrop service is completely free and is supported by all operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, Linux, etc.

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