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Snapchat started selling points with built-in camera Spectacles

The creators of messenger Snapchat began selling its first device — the sunglasses with integrated camera Spectacles. The company believes that this project will allow users to make short messages for the service.

Spectales look like regular sunglasses. Built-in camera indicator light and one button. It enables recording 10-second video informing others about recording by blinking of the led.

“We have created one of the smallest wireless video camera that lets you shoot snappy during the day on a single charge”, — stated in the description of the device. Spectacles are connected directly to the Snapchat app on your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to immediately upload captured video and publish it in video format.

Camera Spectacles is a review of 115 degrees. It can shoot video at 60 frames per second and HD resolution. It is noteworthy that the video is shot in a circular format — the video stream at the outlet has the shape of a circle. This is done so that when viewing the user could easily turn the smartphone horizontally or vertically, but the video remained in place.

Battery 120 Spectacles enough for short clips. For $130 the kit also comes with a bright yellow case, which is also embedded battery, capable of charging points four times, and cable.

Glasses Spectacles with an integrated camera you can buy on the official website for $130.

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