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Smugglers sent the iPhone in China using drones

At the end of March 2018, the Chinese authorities detained the criminals who illegally shipped to China smartphones Apple from Hong Kong with the help of drones. The smugglers managed to smuggle a iPhone for $ 80 million, according to Reuters.

In mainland China, iPhone is expensive, unlike Hong Kong, where gadget you can buy much cheaper. So enterprising the Chinese transported their contraband in hopes of reselling and making a profit.

According to police reports, the biggest party of illegal provezennyh under clothing and in things of Apple is estimated at $ 150,000. But recently detained criminals managed to break this record. With the help of drones they sent a lot of smartphones, the total cost of which is estimated at 79.8 million dollars.

Kontrabandisty showed ingenuity and used drones not to turn iPhone one by one. Instead, the aircraft held two thick cord with a length of 200 meters, which were tied bags with smartphones. Acting in this way, criminals could carry up to 15 000 iPhone over night.

The smugglers were calculated using drones Chinese customs service. During the investigation, it was detained 26 people.

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