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Smartphones Oppo will be fully charged in 15 minutes

The company Oppo has introduced a new charging technology VOOC battery Super. Innovative design allows several times to reduce the time of energy regeneration for the batteries of mobile devices.

Within technology, fully charge the battery of your smartphone or tablet in 15 minutes, 5 minutes battery is filled to 45%. We are talking about the battery capacity of 2500 mAh. Super VOOC will work with devices equipped with both microUSB and USB-C.

Backward compatibility with the already released devices, the adapter will not have, as its support has to be implemented at the hardware level. The kit will be supplied the actual 5-volt charging, as well as “special cable”.

At MWC 2016 Oppo representative demonstrated the work SuperVOOC. He took a fully discharged smartphone, connected it to the power adapter and began to talk about this technology present in the chamber. During his story, which lasted about 10-15 minutes, the battery charged from zero to 100%.

The employee stressed that in the process of charge heating does not exceed 3.3 degrees Celsius. The VOOC charger can be used with other phones, but in this case, the regeneration energy of the battery remain normal.

In what terms Super VOOC will be implemented in commercial products, not specified, but it is expected that this will happen in the near future.

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