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Smartphone users Samsung are suing the company because of preinstalled applications

Releasing smartphones, Samsung does not skimp on the pre-installed software. The company only in the latest versions of their devices have tried to reduce the number of such software. Tried, apparently, not too much, because on the desktop of the flagship Galaxy S6 is 56 “extra” icons, including OneDrive customers and WhatsApp. As it became known, this was the reason for the trial with the South Korean manufacturer.

A group of Chinese users Galaxy devices filed a lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the company of unlawful use of memory of mobile devices. Pre-installed software takes up space on your smartphone and cannot be removed by standard means. The lawsuit appears phablet Galaxy Note 3, on his Desk is 44 preinstalled applications.

“We hope that this lawsuit will force Samsung and other manufacturers to refuse unreasonable practice download the application without notifying customers, – said the representative of the society of consumer protection Tao Ailian. Is that necessary for the healthy development of the whole industry”.

On Samsung smartphones in addition to the standard Google apps are downloaded own development of the company, including S Voice and S Health, as well as third-party programs. Among the recent clients Microsoft OneDrive, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and others. Operators have an opportunity to fill the screens of Android-communicators. For example, T-Mobile us downloads to devices six branded apps.

Apple famously does not practice the download to iPhone third-party applications. Several years ago the company got rid of the clients of the services are Google Maps and YouTube. ‘t allow it to clutter up your home screen, and mobile operators. The latter, incidentally, has long voiced their displeasure about it.

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In fairness, the ninth version of the mobile platform Apple the number of apps that cannot be removed with iPhone and iPad, has reached alarming proportions. In iOS 9, the company decided to preinstall clients services Find My iPhone, Find My Friends and new Apple News.

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