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Smartphone Macoox EX1 is equipped with a battery of 9000 mAh

We have become accustomed to smartphones not necessarily become completely discharged brick by the afternoon. Most modern solutions are able to survive at least one day in the regime of very active use, however some manufacturers do not stop experimenting with the battery. As an example, a new model Macoox EX1, which is equipped with a battery of 9000 mAh. The manufacturer claims that it can provide up to two weeks of Autonomous operation.

Engineers of the Chinese company decided to equip the smartphone with extra-capacity battery, what is the thickness of the smartphone was to be increased to 1.5 cm As stated in Macoox, the device was created with the expectation that some people often have a spare phone that long not being used. Device with a standard battery turns itself off after 2-3 days. To reduce the risk to remain without communication outside of the home, the manufacturer decided to make the smartphone thicker, but set in his record-capacious battery.

Other characteristics EX1 is not so impressive. 4.5-inch handset has 4-core processor of unknown model, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory for data storage. In the presence of two cameras with resolution 2 and 8 megapixels and led flash. The device operates on Android and supports connection on 3G and 4G.

About how much will it cost Macoox EX 1, while it is not known. Weight may exceed 300 g, but reliable information about it.

Apple did not share the desire of some manufacturers to sacrifice the thickness of the smartphone for a more capacious battery. In understanding Apple’s design chief Jonathan Ive, the iPhone needs to be thin and light device. For these qualities he is ready to sacrifice the autonomy of the mobile device.

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