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Smartphone “for show”: why the Samsung Galaxy S8 not managed to surpass the iPhone

After review of the Galaxy Note phablet 7 because of the numerous Samsung fires back on the market with another “iPhone killer” smartphone, the Galaxy S8. The screen got rid of the frames, as if following a given Xiaomi is the trend, not waiting for the autumn release of new products from Apple experts have already dubbed the new Samsung best smartphone of 2017. Journalists Lenta, who studied South Korean news, came to the conclusion that the Galaxy S8 not as good as one can judge by the pictures online, and does not deserve the status of “killer iPhone”.

Using the Galaxy S8 Samsung tried again to occupy a niche edge-to-edge phones. When we first met smartphone is truly a wonder, and the design of all the other smart dialer seems outdated. The output is that the Galaxy S8+ with a diagonal of 6.2 inch less than the iPhone 7 Plus with its 5.5 inches. They have different aspect ratio: standard 16:9 vs Apple charm 18,5:9 Samsung. Thus, the Galaxy S8 screen height more than twice the width: when used daily, it causes a lot of problems.

Even used to shovel people will not be able to immediately pull the notification curtain. But to switch the song using the widget on the lock screen, you need an incredible way to bend the hand painfully reaching for the button. And there are many examples: the consumer, the market and the software producers are not willing to extruded screens.

Especially these difficulties are felt in S8+: finger only covers half of the screen, and for all manipulations, the smartphone should constantly move up and down.

We should not delude ourselves and think that such a change in the proportions and size of the screen somehow affected the number of displayed content. Width is still the same iPhone 7 Plus, and the lion’s share of useful space eaten up a huge strip with on-screen buttons and status bar. Therefore, the 5.5-inch iPhone is almost indistinguishable from the 6.2-inch Samsung: S8 fits literally 1-2 lines larger than the text.

On the front panel of the S8 is simply no place for a fingerprint scanner, so it was moved to the back cover. And not somewhere in the center, as well as under the top, near the camera. Needless to say, that even on the normal version of the device it’s too inconvenient, and Plus it is close to impossible? Added to this is the fact that when you try to touch the scanner, it is likely to stain the camera, so it will have to be wiped down frequently.

For Samsung understand the absurdity of this decision, and before taking pictures constantly pop up reminders that the lens should be kept clean

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is built around a single idea — to create a “frameless” phone. From this point of view it was a great device with a stunning screen and beautiful appearance. It helps sales and is a powerful wow effect. But if we consider S8 as a competitor to iPhone, for Samsung all is not so rosy, despite the innovation: S8 exists only for the sake of it and to say “We were first!”.

Galaxy S8 is beautiful, but some details disappoint. It turns out, the frameless smartphone is not so convenient, and use special he brings. Of course, videos and films on the S8 look great, but it’s the only successful case, and other reasonable explanation for such long screens there. But why pull the phone in height nor Samsung, nor LG is not telling, while claiming that this is the future.

Creating a screen, the developers forgot about other important elements. Camera and performance here at the level of last year’s phones, and voice assistant and the firmware is banal is not completed yet. A similar story was with the Galaxy S6 with beautiful design and a lot of flaws, brought to mind only a year in S7. Therefore, S8 should only admire, knowing that the future is now, but not that it is bright. To this has and the price starting from 55 000 rubles for the regular version of the phone and 60,000 — Plus.

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