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Smartphone battery Innos D6000 three times the battery capacity of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 turned out to be amazing in everything, but there is still one area that shows the weakness of the technological implementation. We are talking about batteries. Despite the energy efficient software platform “Apple” smartphones consume a lot of energy, that’s why they have time in a day or two to recharge.

The company Innos proposed solution in the form of a new smartphone D6000. The distinguishing feature of this device is capacious battery. Rather, he has two built-in battery, the total capacity of 6,000 mAh. For comparison, the iPhone 6 is equipped with a battery of 1810 mAh.

There are two batteries in this case does not mean that the manufacturer delivers the smartphone with two different battery capacity, as it does, for example, Highscreen. The device is equipped with two batteries. Their location is clearly visible on the images. The smaller has a capacity of 2480 mAh, while the larger — 3520 mAh.

More compact battery is fixed in the interior of the housing, while the other, lying on top, is made removable and can change it without turning off the device, which continues to feed the first battery. Stated that Innos D6000 afford to stay in operation for 3-5 days or more than two months in standby mode.

The charge procedure is implemented so that the battery is fed with energy in parallel, thereby reducing heat and extending the life of batteries. Full charge two batteries will take about 2 hours.

Another distinctive feature of Innos D6000 – connector Type-C. it Seems that Chinese manufacturers become vehicles for the promotion of many new standards in the mobile industry.

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The remaining parameters D6000 is quite normal for smart phones of an average price category. Novelty is equipped with a 5.2-inch display 1920 x 1080 pixels. Protects the screen of Gorilla glass 3. As the platform uses a Snapdragon 615, but the RAM is installed as much as 3 GB.

The main camera of this device is based on a 16-megapixel OV16825 sensor format 1/2,3 inches. The maximum aperture is F/2.2. The front camera stands out with F/2.0 aperture and wide angle lens (88°). This is based on the sensor OV5648 a resolution of 5 megapixels. The smartphone has got a thickness of 11.9 mm with a weight of 188 g. as the operating system is Android 5.0.

Innos D6000 will go on sale in early June at the price of 1,800 yuan, equivalent to $290.

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