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“Smart” watches Apple Watch 2 is officially presented

Apple at a special press conference in San Francisco along with the new generation iPhone introduced the smart watches Apple Watch Series 2. Device the second generation was presented on stage at the bill Graham civic auditorium the head of the company Tim cook.


“We are very impressed with the way the Apple Watch, according to reviews, change people’s lives. We support Hobbies of people fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I am sure that our customers will enjoy new features of the Apple Watch Series 2, ” said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple. — Powerful dual-core processor, water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and built-in GPS module will help the Apple Watch Series 2 to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Apple Watch Series 2, like their predecessors, is available in two screen sizes — the diagonal of 38 and 42 mm. Some call them “female” and “male” versions, although in reality the difference is not very noticeable even on the hand.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 2, in comparison with the device of the first generation, virtually unchanged, but improved water resistance – the device can withstand immersion in water for 50 meters. The watch comes with a heartbeat sensor, as well as an area to attach a magnetic charging. In the right pane — scroll wheel for scroll and zoom content, and a call button contacts list. Although the Apple Watch 2 touch, using buttons and scroll wheel, Apple has reduced the need to touch him and close the data display.

Apple has tried to make the device of the second generation is less dependent on the iPhone. Unlike the original version, able to connect only to wireless networks that previously connected coupled with her smartphone, new smart watch can work separately from your smartphone. Apple Watch 2 got a GPS sensor for location tracking for training and orientation of the area. Hours in still not a separate LTE chip that allows you to access the Internet without the iPhone.

Apple Watch the second series features a new display with increased brightness 1000 NIT and is based on a new, more powerful and power efficient dual-core processor of the S2 which was 1.5 times more powerful and twice as better graphics. New apps like Night Sky 4 can now be performed with a frequency of 60 frames/s.

Application watchOS 3 can obtain their data directly, including email messages, weather and other data. The function Find my Watch allows to determine the location hours by triangulating according to the Wi-Fi router. At the same time to perform tasks such as updates and syncing of media files will still be required to pair with the iPhone.

The device screen is turned on automatically when the owner of the Apple Watch turn your wrist to see the time. To switch between applications you can use horizontal swipe across the screen. He, as befits a decent watch, protected by sapphire crystal, moreover, recognizes the difference between a tap and a press, and pressing with two fingers launches a pulse meter.

Since you use the watch can be exclusively paired with a smartphone — not only with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but with 6/6s, 6 Plus/6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5s and 5C, right from your wrist you can initiate calls and messages, including sending a very cute animated smileys and small pictures. Maintained and payment system Pay Apple.

The new model is available in three variations — regular, Sport and premium (Edition). The fundamental difference between the sport version — strengthened anodized aluminum, water – and paleontoligist.

Apple Watch Edition is now available in a ceramic case glossy white. They combine craftsmanship with all the features of the Apple Watch Series 2. Ceramics is one of the hardest materials in the world. It is more than four times greater than the hardness of stainless steel, this beautiful pearl white case, Apple Watch Edition is almost impossible to scratch.

Apple has proposed several model bracelets to customise the Apple Watch — leather, metal, magnetic, polyurethane. Exclusive strap for the new watch offered by the company Nike.

Apple Watch Series 2 will be available in an aluminum casing color rose gold, space gray, gold or silver and stainless steel colours black silver or space with a wide variety of straps, at a price of 33 990 rubles, and the new Apple Watch ceramic Edition available at a price of 115 990 RUB.

The original model of the Apple Watch will be sold in an aluminum casing color rose gold, space gray, gold or silver with a sports strap for the price of 24 990 rubles.

Pre-orders for the second generation Apple Watch will open on 9 September, and in sale the novelty will arrive in October.

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