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Smart watch Stark that do not need to be charged are in 7 times cheaper than the Apple Watch

Smart watches did not become a new milestone in the development of technology and still remain debatable an optional accessory. Problems such products a lot, but one of the main disadvantages is the one that pulls back all niche and repels buyers — low work time in Autonomous mode. A device called Stark its developers call the first affordable hybrid “smart” watches that never need to be recharged.

Watch support Bluetooth 4.0 interface through which they interface with iPhone and Android devices. Watch diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11 mm are waterproof. They have standard mounts for straps and bracelets with a width of 22 mm.

With the help of mobile applications allows Stark to monitor physical activity and sleep quality, receive alerts and reminders from your smartphone. In addition, they can play the role of remote control and alarm.

According to the developers, the watch does not need a recharging. Instead, the “smart” part of the device provides a replaceable battery CR2032, which, according to developers, enough for four months. The watch (module Epson AL20) operate from a separate power supply Vinnic L626, which lasts for two years.

Funds for the release of a new developers gather at the site Kickstarter. Fundraising will continue for another three weeks, but the required amount has already been exceeded — instead of the planned $20 000, the authors of the project have already collected more than $100,000.

The minimum Deposit that allows you to reserve a Stark instance, is $40.

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