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Smart watch on Android Wear does not support Apple HealthKit

This week iPhone owners starting with five and older, can sync their smartphones with the watch running Android Wear. Officially friends with Apple gadgets can only smart watch LG Wathc Urbane and not yet appeared on the shelves of the models of Asus and Huawei. Watch to be released early, for example, Moto360, not formally supported, but if their last update, they will be connected.

To configure a couple of smart watch on Android Wear – an iPhone, you must download a special app from the app Store. After that, the electronic wristband can perform almost all key tasks — perform a voice search, translate, display weather data and Google Now cards, receive calls and notifications. Android Wear for iOS syncs with Google mail, calendar, and app for fitness tracking Google Fit. Also, the developers have managed to synchronize the alarm so that the closed on the clock, the notification disappears and the phone itself.

However, support for Android Wear to iOS not complete. Because of the closeness of the software platform Apple watch will only work with Google apps and several features that Apple allows all developers. For example, to switch songs on the clock — and to answer the iMessage cannot. And while voice search, the results will not open in Safari and the browser that runs inside Google application.

However, the main problem of Android Wear for iOS — the Apple app store, where third-party programs for hours on Android just isn’t there. Apple doesn’t let them in your store. Therefore, in order to, for example, to change the design on the clock, and have to use only that set that Google provides in its Annex.

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In addition, Android Wear, and no integration with Apple HealthKit. In other words, users do not have the possibility to synchronize data on the number of steps and heart rate with standard Health app in iOS. Detailed statistics will be available only in the client’s Google Fit.

With the launch of sync with iOS, Google will significantly expand its ecosystem and will help to increase sales to its partners. And this is a big blow to Apple. And, according to representatives of Google, consumers today are more concerned with not technical possibilities, and appearance enhancement. And Android Wear due to the large diversity have the advantage. For example, one only Huawei launches its new smart watch, and in three variants. And design model Huawei Watch is not cheap — it cost $ 800.

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