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Smart ring Oura monitors activity and sleep owner

Users over the last few years got used to monitors sleep, which are embedded in the fitness bracelets, smart phones and smart watches. But now mobile devices has a new companion – smart ring for wearing on the finger. Finnish company Oura created a tracker-activity, which is made in a stylish ring.

It seems that humanity is inexorably moving towards a time when decorative jewelry, like rings of precious metals, will give way to multi-functional “smart” wearable electronics. At least Bluetooth insole and a similar cap is available now. Along the same lines — and “smart” ring Oura, sales of which start in late July.

The gadget is equipped with a microcontroller, a battery and a set of sensors that allow it to collect information about your activity, sleep, heart rate, body temperature and even the content of oxygen in the blood. The information is wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone, which displays in a convenient way. The application is able to provide recommendations for improving sleep quality and lifestyle.

Tracker Oura is made of durable Zirconia ceramic. The battery life is 3 days, charging it takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The replenishment of energy reserves gadget by means of a special stand.

The ring does not need the constant pairing with a smartphone or tablet. Remove the sensor information is stored in the internal memory, and syncing with the phone, the user can exercise at your convenience.

Smart ring Oura will be sold in different sizes. The estimated cost of the device is $ 250. Taking orders starts in late July or early August.

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