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Smart jacket from Google and Levi’s will appear this fall at a price of $350

13.03.2017 0 Comments

Google and Levi’s have developed a “smart” jacket Commuter Trucker Jacket. Users can answer calls, control music playback and navigation and other tasks without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.


Smart jacket from Google and Levi's will appear this fall at a price of $350

The Commuter is a classic denim jacket that uses a special technology for the production of Jacquard fabric, made by Google. This tissue works like a touch sensor, recognizing gestures — swipe the finger on the sensitive area on the left cuff in a certain direction or double-tap it.

Thus, it is possible to choose the route to answer a call, switch music track or to pause. To communicate with a smartphone uses a Bluetooth transmitter built into the cuff. It will have to be recharged about every two days, charging is a normal microUSB port. The fabric used in the touch area, not afraid of water — it can be washed, as all the main electronics is hidden in a removable clip.


Cost Commuter Trucker Jacket $350. The creators position it as a functional solution for urban residents, often travelling by Bicycle. They will be a useful navigation functions, control music and answer calls on the go. In the future, Google and Levi’s are going to empower the “smart” jackets.



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