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“Smart” glasses Google Glass back on sale

Company Google owning Google announced a new version of “smart” points Google Glass. The device went back on sale for the first time since it ceased to produce in 2015.

Two and a half years ago, the production of Google Glass stopped. For a long time the smart glasses are tested by specialists of large companies. A new direction for Google Glass — it is the corporate segment, they are delivered to the firms employees which is convenient to obtain certain information, without using hands.

Among the companies that have used Google Glass in manufacturing — Volkswagen, DHL, General Electric and others. The new model is designed for people who work with their hands. For example, the device allows them to quickly refer to manuals and instructions or to obtain information about the route.

Google Glass in the Enterprise Edition become more advanced compared to the original model: camera resolution has increased from 5 to 8 megapixels, more than fast Wi-Fi, battery life increased to 8 hours, grew performance. According to the company, smart glasses are more comfortable to wear. When video recording is now enabled red led, which signals about the shooting.

Project Manager Jay Katari stated that the plans for Google Glass serious: “This was an experiment three years ago. Now we are cooperating fully with customers and partners.”

Google Glass, announced in 2013, constitute the points with the function of augmented reality. They broadcast the image on the retina of the eye, transmitting to the user notices and other information and allowing you to do voice search queries, shoot video, take photos and much more.

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