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Smart column Amazon Echo of the second generation will get more quality sound to compete with Apple HomePod

Since the release of “smart” speaker system Amazon Echo has been more than 2 years. This device became the basis for a new market of smart speakers. And although since that time, the manufacturer managed to significantly expand the range of the Echo, these changes have not touched the original device.

Recently Apple introduced the smart speaker system HomePod. In contrast to the decision of Amazon, the company is positioned as a speaker system. According to reports, on the same principle creates Amazon Echo 2.

New acoustic system will be more compact than the current version, but it should sound better through the use of a larger number of speakers. HomePod is equipped with from seven emitters, which explains the better sound compared to the Amazon Echo and the Sonos Play:3.

According to sources, Amazon Echo 2 will be shorter and thinner than the previous model and will look like stacked on top of each other three or four Echo Dot. Also, as in the case of HomePod most of the exterior is covered in cloth.

In addition, insiders are talking about improvement of the microphones, although now they are seven pieces. The release of new products should take place before the end of the year.

In General, this move by Amazon is quite logical, since from the point of view of the capabilities of the Alexa is superior to the voice assistants in this segment, so the company should just improve the quality of the sound to Echo more suited to the role of the speaker system.

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Information about Amazon Echo yet. But even if the price of the device will remain at the level of its predecessor, it will have a big advantage over HomePod, which is estimated at $349.

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