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Smart cartridge Koogeek – how to speak with light

Homes are getting smarter every year, no doubt. Getting smarter in the sense that their smart gadgets, systems and devices in modern homes is becoming every year more and more. And no wonder — after all, projects of this kind of devices appear every day. Some even are implemented and become popular, others do not find understanding among buyers.

One of the most common category of “smart” devices are lighting systems. Yes, ordinary light bulbs, illuminating the room. However, some of them are so advanced that even a little bit, and the chandelier will speak to the owner, asking how he was doing. What of their kind?

Not so long ago Koogeek presented a device that allows you to turn any light bulb into a “smart”, without having to spend a considerable amount on the purchase of new lamps. Novelty is a cartridge with a built-in Wi-Fi module that extends the capabilities of a conventional illuminator. The product can successfully replace a “smart” bulb with E27 base, which can significantly reduce the cost of updating the lighting system in the home or office.

Smart cartridge Koogeek, or an adapter for the adapter between the socket and lamp, and this, of course, many will see the inconvenience. The specificity of the case is such that it may not fit in a modern ceiling, and from ceiling shallow can bulge outward.

The key competitive advantage Koogeek is the native support of the Apple platform HomeKit. This means that to turn on and off lights is possible from the control station or ordinary voice command using the voice assistant Siri. The product works with standard bulbs, not “smart”, that is, the manufacturer is not “dropping” you into a proprietary system. And with the application Koogeek you can monitor the power consumption of the lamp.

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The fundamental philosophical idea enclosed in the concept Koogeek: improving the user experience in the process control of things in the “smart home”. In this case, the developers rethought the role of the smartphone and the usability of the gadgets, with him tied up, such as the smart bulb.

Smart lighting is really very convenient. You can configure auto turning on/off or automatic control of the brightness and color of the lamps during the day. Sitabuildi, where the role acts as a signal lamp, comprising when the user time to get up.

Of course, “smart” lighting is more expensive than usual. But here much more, plus you can significantly reduce bills for electricity, if you configure automatic shutdown when the user logs out of the room.

Order Koogeek E27 Light Bulb Adapter in the online store Tomtop for about $40.

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