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Smart calendar and task Manager Calendars 5 cost 530 rubles became temporarily free

Popular Calendar app for iOS 5 can be downloaded for free. The campaign developers smart calendar and task Manager that costs 530 rubles is distributed free of charge.

Calendars 5 by Readdle is one of the best alternative calendar app for iOS. He understands Russian language, allows to work with tasks and events and supports both iPhone and iPad. App with simple and easy interface is made in bright colors with color indication events. View calendar display, dial to select the month button settings and add a new event, located in the upper and lower areas of the screen. This design looks unobtrusive and does not distract from the basic information.

In addition to local calendars, Calendars 5 also supports sync with iCloud and Google calendar, which allows you to edit and add events from any device. In addition, the collaboration with Google allows you to customize not only the pop-up or email notifications, but SMS reminders on the important dates right from the app, which is much more convenient usual reminders.

Three reasons to use Calendars 5:

  • Natural language input: Enter, for example, “to Meet Anna tomorrow morning in the Park”. The app Calendars 5 will automatically recognize the time and place, and create the desired event in the calendar.
  • Task Manager: the perfect application to create and prioritize, and manage tasks and chores.
  • Best calendar for iPad: this is the first smart calendar for the iPad. The app leverages the large screen, displaying more information and allowing it easier to manipulate.
  • Calendars 5 is an excellent solution for working with calendars on iPhone and iPad with a broad syncing capabilities, many interesting “features”, but the overall harmony and atmosphere of reasonable sufficiency. All this, coupled with a minimalist design makes Calendars 5 one of the best alternatives to the standard iOS calendar 9 today.

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