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Slow mobile Internet causes the same stress as horror movies

Swedish company Ericsson has published a report which spoke about the impact of mobile Internet on how the subscribers perceive the network operators and content providers. According to Cnews, Chistiakova pause the online video is user stress, which is comparable with the test on mathematics and the horror film.

Telecommunications giant as part of the opened February 18 at the Barcelona world exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) released a report Mobility Report, reveals the effect of slow Internet on smartphone users. The experiments were conducted in Denmark, which was believed to have the world’s highest speed mobile Internet connection. Under the terms of, the volunteers watched the video on your smartphone, and a group of scientists in the same minute measured their heart rate, level of brain activity and speed of eye movements.

The results stunned even scientists themselves. It turned out that the delayed loading of a video lasting 6 seconds on the third increases the level of stress the user. Thus, heart rate is increased by 38%, it’s still something to watch alone horror movie or pass the math exam, the report notes.

Slow Internet has a direct impact on the perception of users, operators and providers of digital content, so the high quality of the connection is necessary to improve brand reputation, the scientists conclude.

The report also forecasts the growth of traffic in social networks 12 times during the next six years.

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