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Slow iOS 11? 8 ways to speed up iPhone and iPad

This week Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad. Users testing the operating system continues to report errors, slow performance, issues with autonomy and the operation of the wireless modules, and the application crashes.

These problems with iOS 11 can force users to downgrade to iOS 10. However, you can spend 15-20 minutes of free time and try to improve the OS.

To restart the device

Experience shows that most problems with iOS 11 can be solved by restart. Just hold down the power button and turn off your iPhone or iPad and then re-enable the device.

To free up memory

If your device has little free memory, it is highly recommended to delete unnecessary data. It will great help to speed up the device.

Go to Settings -> General -> Store iPhone. iOS 11 lurid detail the distribution of the information on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll through the list view that takes up the most space and delete unnecessary content.

Update the app

Typically, older applications are not compatible with newer versions of iOS, so you should check for updates in the App Store. This, of course, will not fix the problem with the flight software, but it can help.

If the update does not help, try to reinstall the problematic application.

Remove unused programs

The incompatibility between the applications affects iOS 11, so it is possible that some programs can cause slow operating system.
First of all, try to remove rarely used software. The process is quite time consuming, however, in some cases, it may help.

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Disable the widgets

IOS 11, there are a lot of widgets. If you are not using the interactive elements of the interface, it is better to disable it. This will speed up the performance of your iPhone and iPad.

To disable widgets, swipe right when you are on the home screen, scroll down and click “Edit”. Next, a screen will appear where you can choose which widgets should be displayed and which – not.

Disable background updates

If you have enabled content updates in the background, try disabling it and see if the device work faster.

When you enable background updates, applications constantly update information. It’s a pretty expensive option, so disabling it can greatly improve performance.

Go to Settings -> General -> Update content and disable the feature.

Reduce animation

Sometimes on iOS devices happen “podragivanija” animation, in this case, it is necessary to disable. To do this, open Settings -> General -> accessibility and enable “Reduce motion”.

There’s also the paragraph “Universal access” reduced transparency and increased contrast, which may also improve performance.

Download the latest version of iOS 11

The beta version of iOS 11 will never be perfect, but with each new OS update gets rid of bugs. If you have not the latest edition iOS 11, try to upgrade the operating system. 99% probability that it will help fix the main problems.

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