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Sleepnotes based on artificial intuition – more than just alarm clock

The world is constantly changing and people change with it. Modern history is the alternation of scientific discoveries and technological innovations that leave no place for the superstitions of the past. But the deepest interest of mankind to all the secret and unknown is not going anywhere, but rather escalates. The more we learn, the more exciting they seem new worlds secrets, like the secrets of dreams.

Many scientists tried to solve a difficult puzzle of the human subconscious, but still nothing impossible to say for sure. Why do we see dreams? How come the images, which we’ve never seen? What happens to consciousness during sleep? Perhaps, some day humanity will find the answers to these questions, and yet we can only study the mysterious phenomena. And, oddly enough, can help in this gadgets.

According to statistics, every night one sees at least 5 dreams, but not always after waking up able to restore a complete picture of at least one dream. But if you want to get closer to solving the night visions, start by installing free app Sleepnotes. This multimodeling with notes of dreams and synchronization taking into account the Lunar phases.

First of all install the app on the iPhone and set the alarm. Set the time and a ringing tone, and then embark on a journey through the world of dreams. When you hear a sound and Wake up, just write down your dream in the window. According to research, the brain is able to maintain a sleep pattern for 5 minutes after waking up. Use this time to make a note in Sleepnotes.

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The application will automatically compare the record with the current phase of the moon, and you will just have to listen to their inner feelings and Supplement the note of the corresponding emotion. The program graciously offered 3 smiley – happy, sad and neutral.

At first it may seem that you just are not very practical dream diary. But continue to write at least several weeks, and you will discover all the possibilities Sleepnotes. First, you will notice that they do better at remember dreams. Secondly, you will be able to analyze how the moon phase affects the subjects of dreams and your emotional state. Perhaps the full moon you dream mystical dreams, and inside felt strange alarm? And when the moon is dreams and reality filled with joy and ease? Do not forget to leave notes and soon realize, as the Orb of night influence on you.

To not feel like an Explorer, a loner, synchronize the application with Facebook. Certainly, many of your friends also use Sleepnotes – you’ll see them label emotions in his belt Sleepnotes. After synchronization of your emoticons will also be available for viewing to friends. But only smiles, because record the dreams are too personal to share them in social networks. You can also discover the chart of emotions from around the world and see the similarity of the different reactions of people to changes in the lunar cycle.

What else can boast Sleepnotes?

  • is a convenient night clock with adjustable backlight;
  • high-precision timer and stopwatch;
  • multi-alarm clock with unique features (for example, you may Wake up simultaneously with the rising of the Sun).
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Now, to make the first steps in the analysis of dreams, not necessarily to study the writings of Jung. It is enough to set Sleepnotes on your phone and the right tool is always at hand.

At the moment the app is available free for iPhone and a beta version for Android.

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