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Skype was a global failure

Skype users are reporting problems with connection and loss of connection in applications. Problems of video communication service began June 19 and continues until now.

Not so long ago, Microsoft completely changed the interface of the Skype application. According to reports in social networks, innovation and many people love it. But the resulting failures of the messenger — not very.

According to reports in social networks, the problem is widespread. Complaints about incorrect work of Skype come from the United States, Asia and Europe. Russian users crashing is also affected. In most cases, the program cannot connect to the network. Some, however, Skype runs successfully, but messages to users do not reach.

Both a mobile and desktop app Skype stopped working last night. Soon, the technical support of the company informed about the situation.

This morning, however, the messenger had again ceased to function. About the reasons of failure in Microsoft did not say.

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